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Travel Apps can enhance your travel experience

There are thousands of travel apps on the market, and some provide more accurate and helpful information than others. However, different apps will appeal to you depending upon the type of travel you are planning to do.
For today’s blog, we selected our top 10 travel apps for general travel. These apps will help you plan, execute and experience the amazing vacation that you deserve. Whether you are travelling with a family, partner or solo, travel apps can be a helpful addition to helping you plan your travel.
At TierOne Travel we encourage our clients to be in the moment as much as possible when travelling, and that’s why we suggest these top 10 travel apps that will supplement your travel journey.

Pack Point

This free app creates packing lists based on your trip information. All you have to do is provide the app with your destination, time of year, type of trip, length of trip and activities that you plan on doing, and it will automatically generate a packing list within minutes.
“Never Forget Your _____ Again!”


FLIO is for all things airport related. This app can provide flight tracking, flight status updates, airport maps, airport vouchers, exclusive access/deals for airport lounges and airport parking. There are more than 5000 airports worldwide that participate in the program. It is definitely worthwhile to check out pre and during travel.
“Your flight companion”


TripIt is a one-stop shop for all of your bookings and itinerary details. This apps allows you to store, organize and access flight details, accommodation bookings and attraction tickets on and offline. There is no need to upload all of your information to TripIt, simply download the free app, and it will gather your travel information for you based on your incoming bookings. If you upgrade to the pro version, you also have the option of automated reminders and real-time travel info such as security line times and flight alerts.


PhotoPills is designed to help you shoot professional photographs anywhere, anytime on your mobile device. The app has a plethora of tools raging from sun exposure to a photo plan allowing you to design your ideal photo regardless of the light, location or shadow. A must-have app to ensure that your travel memories are captured in the same way that you had imagined.

XE Currency

Voted as one of the top apps for currency exchange, XE provides live, reliable information on the majority of the world’s currencies. Once you are settled into your destination, the currency exchange becomes second nature, but until that point, it’s handy to have a quick source to accurate, up-to-date information.

Google Translate

Google Translate has been voted the #1 app in reference. It can provide online translation for 103 languages, offline translation for 59 languages, photo translations for 50 languages and live conversation translations for 32 languages. Our favourite part of the app is the saved phrase option: select some common phrases that you think you will need and pull them up easily while at your destination. This app does wonders for bridging the gap between new friends and locals, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the culture.


Uber is very well-known around the world and is available in over 500 cities worldwide. This reliable ridesharing app is a great option when you are on vacation to get to and from points of interest quickly. It provides a less expensive option to taxis and allows for tracking, live maps and driver information. Do check the local regulations as Uber is banned or discouraged in some areas of some cities.


Citymapper is a free app that gives you access to real-time maps. It is integrated with Uber, bike sharing programs and transit maps to provide you with all you need to know as you explore different cities. The app’s goal is to make city travel as stress-free as possible by providing its users with reliable information. Just key in where you are and where you want to go and a wide range of options will automatically generate.


Roadtrippers is a great app for travellers who have a bit of extra time to explore. To use this app, you don’t necessarily have to be on a road trip. You just key in your intended route (day or long term), and the app will provide you with fun, interesting points or interest or dining options along the way. It’s a great way to experience more than you had planned and a key asset for discovering hidden gems within new places.

Canadian Red Cross First-Aid

Last but not least we recommend the Canadian Red Cross First-Aid app. This app is for peace of mind. It has practical solutions for small issues such as bug bites and simple, step-by-step solutions for larger first-aid situations. It is a great resource for reliable information and can save you time, money and ensure your health when on vacation.

Which travel app will you download first?

Travel can be exciting, and pre-travel can be almost unbearably exciting (especially during these cold winter months we are currently experiencing in much of Canada). Do yourself a favour and download some of these great apps before you jet off and experience a stress-free, fulfilling holiday.
If you would like some assistance planning your next getaway, our experienced travel specialists are more than happy to help. Contact us today!
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