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The holidays can be a great opportunity to relax, spend time with that special someone or your whole family, and fill your days with food and conversation. While many of us travel home at this time of the year, the holidays can be made even more memorable with a trip to a new and exciting destination. Why not take advantage of your time off work and school to get away for a while with one of these four holiday vacation ideas?

Follow the Sun

In many places, the weather over the holidays is cold and even downright uncomfortable. So why not do like the birds and travel someplace warm for your holiday getaway? You could grab your loved ones and head to the Caribbean for sand dunes instead of snowbanks. St. Kitts and Nevis hosts fun and festive carnival events, including parades, street parties and tons of other activities, from November through February, which could make for the perfect holiday for couples or parents with kids. If you celebrate Christmas, Grand Cayman hosts a magnificent celebration complete with a Christmas tree, outdoor movie screenings and visits from Santa Claus himself (in tropical costume, of course). Think about brushing off the winter cold with a Caribbean adventure and start the New Year off on the right foot.

Embrace the Cold

Of course, not everyone wants to leave the refreshing, brisk weather of winter. Snow bunny families can escape the mundane and head off on a ski resort vacation to remember.
Many resorts in Canada and the United States boast great value and quality family fun. For example, Whistler celebrates the ski season and the holidays with festivities for couple and families alike
on New Year’s Eve, while Aspen offers a range of fun, including live music, holiday activities for the kids and more. From resorts that take the kids for lessons (so the adults can enjoy some holiday time alone) to ones that offer sleigh rides, ski resorts are a great option for couples seeking an ultra-romantic holiday getaway, or families who want to get out and enjoy the snowy season.

Get Out on the Water

Holiday cruises offer a wide array of amenities for travelers, whether they are cozy couples of happy families, and usually for a great price. There are also numerous options for location, from a warm and sunny cruise in the Bahamas to a historic cruise through Germany exploring the holiday markets. Some lines even offer Thanksgiving cruises, complete with pumpkin pie and football games. Others include gorgeous Christmas decorations and visits from Santa. A holiday cruise can be a great way to spend the season in a completely new environment, forming unique holiday memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Travel by Land

Perhaps you’re looking for a holiday getaway that doesn’t involve finding your sea legs? Plan a non-traditional road trip to another state or region, such as the sunny West Coast or quaint New England. Canadian towns also offer lovely Christmas celebrations — you’ll feel like you’re in Europe when you travel to Quebec City with its stunning decorations, or head to cosmopolitan yet friendly Toronto, which hosts one of the biggest Santa Claus parades in the world. There’s no need to leave the land when so many places offer wonderful holiday events that you and your sweetheart, or even the whole family, can enjoy.
The holidays are a great for making memories, celebrating together and quality time, as a couple or as a family. Whether you’re looking for an overseas adventure, a tropical New Year’s toast or the chance to hit the slopes, the possibilities are endless. Why not share some new experiences and enjoy an extra festive getaway this year? Happy holidays!

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