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With all that is going on in the world right now, we thought it would be nice to share a few feel-good stories about some of the best things happening in the world today to hopefully put a smile on your face.
Venice Canals - TierOne Travel

Venice Canals are More Clear

The Venice canals are the clearest they have been in 60 years! Fish are visible in the water; swans are seen hanging out in the canals, and even jellyfish have been spotted in the now-clear waters! The decrease of boat traffic has definitely impacted the amount of wildlife showing up in the canals. Even dolphins have been seen in the canals in Sardinia, Italy.

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Pollution Levels are Reduced

With many people staying home during this time, the environment has taken a turn for the better! Pollution in New York has reduced by almost 50% because of the measures taken to contain Covid-19. In China, emissions fell 25% at the beginning of the year when people were told to stay in their homes, and days with good quality air were up 11.4%! Satellite images of Europe show nitrogen dioxide emissions have been fading away over northern Italy, Spain, and the UK. Locals in the Punjab region of India have been able to see the Himalayan mountains for the first time in decades due to reduced levels of pollution and Delhi has experienced a 44% decrease in air pollution levels!
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Vaccine Development Continues

There are 150 development projects worldwide all researching for a vaccine to stop the virus. Testing for a Covid-19 vaccine will begin soon at The University of Oxford, where they are already testing a potential vaccine on 510 volunteers. There is also testing that will be starting in Germany as well. There is said to be an 80% chance of the testing being successful!
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Rainbow Art is Being Displayed

Children and adults from all over the world have been displaying rainbow art in front of their houses and in their windows to lift the spirits of everyone who sees them. Some businesses and fire stations have also joined in globally. It has blown up on social media under the hashtags #RainbowTrail and #ChaseTheRainbow. A rainbow is a great symbol for these times because it is the light after dark, and it has definitely left people with a smile on their face. Check out the hashtags and maybe make a rainbow of your own to display in your home!

Great Wall of China - TierOne Travel

China is Reopening

Life in Wuhan, China, where Covid-19 began has slowly started to reopen. They have opened their train station which has allowed a lot of families (who were separated because of the lockdown) to finally be reunited. Beijing, the country’s capital, has opened a couple of tourist attractions including the Great Wall of China and the city zoo. Travel in and out of the city is still tightly controlled and a 14-day quarantine still applies to everyone arriving from abroad, but the situation has improved with offices reopening and public transit still operating.
We hope these stories have helped to put a smile on your face and instill a bit of positivity in your day!
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