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About Kelly Scherger

I would like to think travel broadens our perspectives as we expose ourselves to new cultures, ideas, and ways of life. I further believe travel can improve our physical and mental health, as it allows us to unwind, reduce stress, and gain new energy and motivation. I once read that travelling helps us to become humble for it forces us to realise that we reside in a very small place on earth.  

As nostalgic and low-tech as the Scamper camper days were, advancements in technology and transportation have made travel more accessible for families, those with mobility challenges or dietary concerns. On another note, the travel industry has seen an unprecedented growth and global expansion in the availability of travel accommodations. What does all this amount to for travellers such as you and me, it means a greater selection of travel options at a better price point, bottom line, travel has become more affordable.  

As much as I enjoy travelling and talking about its evolution, I equally enjoy helping people plan their getaways. Truth-be-told, the most rewarding aspect of being a professional travel consultant is seeing the same excitement and anticipation, which fuels my passion for travel, take hold in others as they plan and embark upon their journeys.  

Even with my passport containing many colorful stamps from countries spanning over 4 continents, I cannot help but notice there are still empty pages left to fill, so I am going to continue with my quest of collecting more. The question is… how can I help you collect yours! 

Live your life by a compass not a clock.  ~ Stephen Covey ~ 

Frequently Asked Questions…

What are your favorite destinations?
I have a couple of passions which shape my choice of favorite destination or go-to getaway, those being golfing and sailing. Surprisingly, both passions led me to the same place, the Caribbean. It has it all, starting with tropical weather, unique culture, warm and welcoming people, cuisine for nearly every taste, amazing golf courses and some of the most beautiful sailing waters this world has to offer.

What is it that makes a certain destination more desirable than others?
For most travelers, it comes down to the cost, accommodations, and the attractions available at the destination. For instance, destinations which offer “all-inclusive” bundle packages continue to be an attractive feature for budget conscious travelers. While destinations rich with adventure excursions or unique cultural and scenic experiences are another big drawing card.

How do you know if a destination is safe for public travel?
Travel agencies along with their respective consultants and advisors continuously and diligently look for & review travel advisory updates on government websites, travel advisory forums and travel industry publications.

What is the advantage of using a travel agency over booking a vacation through one of the DIY websites?
The most obvious advantage is the time savings. Booking a suitable, practical, financially sound, and safe travel package involves taking the necessary time to undergo the research required to bring it all together. This is the one thing our clients come to deeply appreciate the most. As a matter of fact, clients often tell me they can’t believe how much time they spent planning their last getaway. I had one client confess that she spent more time planning her getaway than she did on the holiday itself. Where another client acknowledged that planning a vacation online is nothing more than one endless series of rabbit holes.

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