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Bali is a magical place, full of steamy jungles, glassy waves, white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and active volcanos. Somehow Bali manages to leave each one of its guests with a sense of peace, contentment and an intense yearning sensation to go back and experience it all over again.
The Islands of the Gods has a magnetic energy, and anyone you talk to travelling there has likely been more than once or is already planning their next trip.


Bali is nestled in the Indonesian archipelago between Java and Lombok. The region of Bali is 5,780km2 and is known most for the main island of Bali but, it’s also comprised of neighbouring island Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.
Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea, Bali is famous for is marine wildlife, pristine surfing, and beautiful culture.  Above sea level, Bali rises to the highest peak of 3,031 meters to the island’s largest volcano Mount Agung.


Located very close to the equator the temperatures on Bali do not fluctuate much, most days will be around 30 degrees. Higher elevations can get much colder especially between sunset and sunrise.
There are predominant wet and dry seasons in Indonesia, October – April mark the wet season and May – September dry. To guarantee good weather and great sightseeing, we suggest travelling in the dry season.


The culture of Bali is rich and runs deep into the history of the island and the people. To add to Bali’s magic is its unique relationship between the four main religions on the island – Bali Hindu, Muslim, Christianity and Buddhism. Each religion lives in harmony with one another. There are places of worship that house all four religions in one building on separate floors.
The relationship is as beautiful, as are the traditions. Daily you will spot offerings from the Bali Hindu religion and temples scattered all over the island. Ceremonies are also very common and a stunning sight to see.
When in Bali it’s impossible not to feel and embrace the traditions and culture of this exquisite Island of the Gods.
The Balinese people are warm and friendly. Always willing to lend a hand in any way that they can and eager to please tourists. You will feel yourself feeling as if you are part of the family on the beach, in a restaurant, with your driver or even walking just walking around town. Smiles are free and the motto “Enjoy” is often heard.


There are so many reasons to go to Bali, but for the purpose of this article, we will stick to a few of our favourites.
Of course, relaxing on the beach and shopping in the markets is among our top few but, there are lots of other activities to experience in Bali.
One of it’s most famous recreational activities is surfing, Bali has is a world-class destination for its variety of waves and consistency. Legian, Kuta, Canggu and Sanur are great spots for beginner to intermediate surfers. As you head up the Bukit, towards Uluwatu, Bingin and Balangan the waves significantly grow and turn into reef breaks; perfect for advanced surfers.
Another famed activity in Bali is hiking. With two large volcanoes (Agung and Batur) sunrise hiking is an adventure everyone should experience. Starting the hike around 3am and finishing at the top for sunrise is otherworldly. Daytime hiking is also common but, be sure to prepare for the hot daytime temperatures.
On the East Coast of the island is crystal clear, calm waters, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Many companies offer a variety of experiences from advanced deep water dives and shipwrecks to beginner reef snorkels and boat trips. All amazing and all guaranteed to be a fun day trip. The marine life in Indonesia is known for its mirco species including pygmy seahorses, small fish and nudibranchs.
Health and wellness is also a big part of Bali. The island is dense in yoga retreats, yoga studios, meditation centres and alternative healing practices. Options range from one-day programs to 1-2 month long retreats. The magical energy of the island makes for a perfect foundation for this kind of practice. Everyone seems eager to learn, share and help each other experience some sort of awareness around these practices.

Finding the Bali for you

With Bali’s large variety of offerings it’s sure to please every traveller. Even cities/ towns around the island differ significantly and have their own unique flair.

If you have any questions about finding the right place on the island for your next travels, feel free to contact one of our experienced travel specialist here and of course “enjoy” wherever your journey takes you!

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