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Turn off, to turn inwards.

Travel and mental health have a strong correlation. Numerous studies show that there are many benefits of traveling. In today’s fast-paced world, it becomes not only a luxury but a necessity, to take time out for ourselves and turn-off to turn inwards.
It is estimated that one in every five Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. That astonishing statistic reminds us that mental health is just as important as physical health, and needs to be maintained on a constant basis.
Now, to be clear, travelling as a one-off experience is not going to cure mental health problems or illnesses. If you are suffering from a mental health condition, it is important to speak to your doctor pre-travel to make sure that you are set up for success during your travels. It is also important to go easy on yourself and set attainable goals in regards to budget, destinations and length of stay. The last thing you want is for your travel plans to add stress to your life. Our trained travel specialists are a great resource for helping you plan a trip that fits within your comfort zone.
Travel is magical; the experience of getting away from your normal routine can aid in improving mental health.

Top 5 benefits of travel

Broadens perspective

When we step outside of our daily routines, surroundings and social circles, we realize that the world is a really big place, and people find happiness in all kinds of ways. Learning about new foods, cultures and traditions helps us to see the bigger picture in life. Sometimes when we are stuck in a daily routine, it can be hard to develop a growth mindset. Travel has the ability to kick-start that process and open your mind to new possibilities in life.

Increases time spent outdoors

A study out of the UK proves that ecotherapy or time spent in nature has masive benefits in improving mental health and depression. You don’t need to go camping to clock time outdoors. On vacation, you may find yourself outside for most of your day exploring cities, coral reefs, forests, or simply laying in a hammock reading a book. The main goal is to connect with the experience in a mindful way. So, sit back, relax and let nature do its work.

Develops confidence

We can guarantee you will surprise yourself (in a good way) at least once throughout your journey. This discovery about yourself will grow into a confidence level that would take years to develop at home, in your normal routine. When we are presented with new experiences, challenges and opportunities, we have the chance to dive deep into personal development, which results in a positive, satisfying new level of self-confidence.  

Removes you from external stressors

Travel allows you to listen to what you truly need. External stressors are a common element to life at home. When we hit pause on those stressors, we gain the distance that we need to tune inwards and find out what it is that we really need at this moment. The complete change of scenery and environment can give you a sense of relief that you need to move forward, once you’re back at home.

Allows you to reflect and recharge

Finally, sometimes all you need is a bit of rest to feel like yourself again. It’s not easy to say no to social plans or forget about work issues when you are immersed in your lifestyle. Turn on your ‘do not disturb’ email notification, change your environment and literally feel the weight of stress coming off your body as you fill up with new-found energy for the season ahead.

Could your mental health use a vacation?

If you want to start planning an adventure that can give you the much-needed rest and relaxation that you are looking for, speak to one of our travel specialists.
Not only can they get you exclusive deals, but they are also experts in creating vacations/itineraries that achieve your individual goals.
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