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Every year between mid-March to May, travellers flock to Japan to view the blossoming of the majestic cherry blossoms. This is a staple on many bucket lists, and striking photographs of the delicate pink flowers go viral on the Internet almost daily during the cherry blossom season. It has many of us daydreaming about being in Japan, admiring the beautiful pink blooms in person.

Though you may not be able to make it to Japan this year to check this must-do off your own bucket list, it might be possible for you to see cherry blossoms near your own home! Canada actually has some incredible cherry blossom-viewing locations. We are going to share some of our favourite locations to view cherry blossoms in Canada with you in this blog.

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Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Canada

Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Canada, Vancouver BC

Vancouver, BC

Probably the only spot in Canada that’s actually widely known to have cherry blossoms, Vancouver really comes alive with color each spring. And Vancouver’s cherry blossoms come with an interesting story!

Hundreds of cherry blossom trees were very generous gifts from Japan that were given to Vancouver in the early 1930’s as a thank-you to the Japanese Canadians who served in WWI.

Every spring, various species of cherry blossoms add gorgeous bursts of pink color to this much-loved city, serving as a reminder of that gift.

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in Vancouver:

You can also check out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival online in 2021 for a virtual visit.

Find out which neighborhoods are in bloom now with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – ‘Blooming Now’ Locations List.

Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Canada, Victoria BC

Victoria, BC

A multitude of cherry blossoms burst onto the scene in Victoria each spring, changing this west coast capital city into a pretty pink paradise. No one can deny that the buds look extra pretty against the turn-of-the-century Victorian buildings!

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in VICTORIA:

These beautiful blooms can be found all over Victoria, but the most popular spot to see them is at Butchart Gardens (be sure to book your ticket early!)

Some other iconic spots to view the cherry blossoms in Victoria include:

Interested in other spring activities you can do in Victoria? Check out this 72-hour Victoria spring itinerary.

Click here for a virtual visit of Butchart Gardens

Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Canada, Edmonton AB

Edmonton, AB

Alberta’s capital city is, perhaps surprisingly, an excellent location to view cherry blossoms in the springtime!

From between about mid March into May, you can choose to cruise along Edmonton’s generous 145km of trails by bike, on a segway, or on foot to take in the cherry blossoms decorating the city.

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in EDMONTON:

When you’ve finished viewing the blossoms, you can find even more to explore in the city during your time in Edmonton. Consider making a side trip over to the beautiful Elk Island National Park, which is an important refuge for bison, elk and more than 250 bird species, and also has lovely picnic and camping sites.

Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Canada, Toronto ON

Toronto, ON 

Toronto is not just an incredible melting pot of cultures and incredible food. It’s also full of beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom in late April until early May. You can attend the High Park Cherry Blossom Festival, or check out these different locations we recommend for cherry blossom viewing.

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in Vancouver:

Explore other spring activities to make the most of your time in the exciting city of Toronto.

Best Places to see Cherry Blossoms in Canada, Ottawa ON

Ottawa, ON

Ottawa may not be known for cherry blossoms. It’s more so known for the Canadian Tulip Festival, which is one of the world’s largest tulip festivals that happens in May each year.  However, if you’re in the area, it’s still worth going on a hunt for cherry blossoms around Ottawa, as some trees do bloom!

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing Locations in OTTAWA:


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