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Each year, over half a million Canadians flock South for the Winter. Is this your year?

Canadian winters can be tough on us, both mentally and physically. For those that are not required to stay in their home city for work or family commitments, travelling South for the colder months could be a very appealing option!
The most popular snowbird destination for Canadians is the United States of America. This is mainly due to its close proximity and visa-free six-month stay allowance per twelve month period. The six months can consist of a compilation of a few short visits, or a one-time longer trip.
If you are looking for a vacation this winter that is easy to navigate, feels comfortable and safe, then the following snowbird States may have something to offer you!

The top States for Canadian snowbirds


Florida’s warm climate, beautiful beaches and active community have been drawing in snowbirds for centuries. These features have earned it the top spot as a long-term vacation destination for Canadians during the winter months.
Florida has an expansive network to make snowbird travel easy for visitors. There is a plethora of vacation rentals and retirement communities to become involved in. Our one main tip is to book early as accommodations do fill up quickly.


If you are looking for a dry climate with comfortable temperatures, Arizona is your destination. The dramatic landscape offers multiple national parks that are great for exploring and staying active.
The established communities such as Scottsdale and Prescott offer snowbird communities that are full of things to do, from shopping and lounging by the pool, to playing golf and experiencing cooking classes.
In the Arizona snowbird community, you are sure to create a new network of friends quickly.


If a tropical paradise is more your thing, Hawaii will be your dream destination, with white sandy beaches and more palm trees than you can count!
Hawaii has the ability to make you feel like you’re miles away from home, all while feeling safe and comfortable.
During the winter months, rentals do book up quickly and can become quite competitive, so be sure to book well in advance. Once you are on the island, slow down to “island time” and stay in one of the communities or spend your time exploring between islands.
Popular spots include Kihei, Princeville, Wakkiki and Kona.


The state of Texas is becoming more desirable to snowbirds in the last few years due to its affordability. Visitors can enjoy a great climate, delicious food and beautiful beaches at a fraction of the cost, compared to other states.
There is a large variety of accommodation rentals available, from luxurious to moderate. Visitors can enjoy world-class smokehouse cuisine, bustling cities such as Houston, or laid-back beach towns like South Padre Island.


California remains a popular destination for Canadians all year round, and winter is no exception. The beautiful landscape, relaxed atmosphere and outdoor lifestyle are attractive to Canadian snowbirds.
Quick, low-cost flights down to California are an added bonus to the variety of vacation rentals and communities available, making travelling to California easy.
Snowbirds typically gravitate to places like Palm Springs, Palm Desert and San Diego. The further South you choose to go, the warmer and dryer the climate.

International Snowbirds

Some more adventurous snowbirds may choose to travel internationally to warm destinations over the winter months. This can be a great option if you are looking to experience a new culture and sometimes a more budget-friendly winter holiday.
Some great international snowbird locations include Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Portugal, Spain and Southeast Asia.
These amazing locations can provide a different way of life for a short period of time, or extended over the Canadian winter months.
For all of the destinations listed above, be sure to check in with your travel specialist to ensure that you have the correct documentation and vaccinations for your chosen destination.

Where will you travel this winter?

At TierOne Travel, we believe that life should be experienced to its fullest.
If you are thinking about experiencing a different kind of winter this year, talk to one of our travel specialists today and receive all of the information you need to make the decision that is right for you.
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