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When it comes to traveling with families, finding accommodations can be a tedious task because hotel rooms can quickly get crowded. If you’re traveling with extended family or even multiple families, it’s smart to look for alternative arrangements that can help you enjoy your vacation without feeling stifled by a traditional hotel setting.

Villas and Property Rentals

Families and groups that may not fit into typical hotel rooms and suites may want to consider home rentals or villas. Villas and property rentals allow you to have extra amenities like full kitchens and laundry rooms. Depending on the property, you can likely request additional services like butler and maid service, or even a private chef, so that you can enjoy a gourmet kitchen without having to cook. Villas are also a great solution for multi-family travel, as they offer numerous bedrooms with plenty of privacy and space.


Luxury resorts, including international chains, often offer activities to keep kids occupied while grown-ups can indulge in the property’s spa menu or engage in a new activity like learning a new skill or sport. Look for kids clubs to keep kids safe and engaged in learning, even while on vacation.


Many cruise lines are geared toward family activities. Cruising is a choice travel option for families because they allow you to cover a lot of ground, without the hassle of packing and unpacking and finding a restaurant that everyone can agree on. If you are traveling as a kid-free family, you may prefer a cruise line that has plenty to see and do, but without the kid-friendly focus. Smaller cruise ships, as well as large luxury cruise lines, please the most discerning adults while offering travel options for families as well. The different dining options, activities, things to do and places to see that cruises offer are a great solution for families with different interests and age groups and allow you to explore different areas in Europe, Asia and further afield without the hassle of booking multiple trips and accommodations.


Camping abroad doesn’t have to mean roughing it and traveling with backpacks like a college student. Luxury camping accommodations  can be found at off-the-beaten path sites throughout Europe, including Spain, France, and Portugal. These luxurious campsites offer privacy, private bodies of water, and other amenities, which may include yoga and meditation or gourmet cooking and tours of local castles and towns.
Traveling with the family can be complicated, but finding deluxe accommodations doesn’t have to be.

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