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Couples travel for experience. An experience together that they will never forget.
We often hear that couples are looking to ‘getaway from it all’ and ‘reconnect.’ What does that mean? Well, to us as travel specialists, we have come to realized that travel has an amazing, almost magical ability to bring people together and strengthen communication and emotional bonds.
All destinations can provide for this kind of ‘magic.’ However, some destinations are more conducive to creating the experience and ambiance necessary.
Today, we have put together a list of unique hotels from around the world, that will be sure to strengthen bonds and create life lasting, adventuresome memories:

Wadigi Island Resort, Fiji

At Wadigi Island Resort there is no need to share because the island is yours. That’s right, you get the whole place to yourself – of course, it’s accompanied with world-class luxury service. Your island is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Fiji, full of adventure including snorkeling, wind surfing, and island hoping to name a few. The villas consist of three rooms, for couples the resort converts the other two rooms into private dining rooms, massage rooms or any other requested room you may have. Your island, your way.

The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

The Manta Resort encourages its guests to “turn off, relax and recharge.” Located on the secluded island of Pemba there is world class diving & snorkeling right outside your front door and unlimited opportunities to sit back and watch the world go by in peace and quiet. Although I have to admit, the winning element of this resort for me is the stunning underwater bedroom. Fall asleep in your own private aquarium!

Flatdogs Camp, Zambia

Flatdogs takes glamping to a whole new level, at a very affordable rate. The camp is overlooking the South Luangwa National Park where it’s common to see a variety of wildlife just passing by. Enjoy the comfort of your room while watching the exhilarating wildlife or embark on a safari. Flatdogs Camp offers day and night drives into the South Luangwa National Park from the nearby Mfuwe Gate.

Como Maalifushi, Maldives

Como Maalifushi is located on Thaa Atoll; it’s the first and only resort on this island in the archipelago. Known for surfing and scuba diving, there are many activities to offer. Como Maalifushi offers much more to its guests; strategically designed to fit its environment the resort allows its guests to feel remote yet connected. Offering an extensive menu of wellness services including yoga, massage, and expert wellness therapists advice. Couples will leave here feeling refreshed, reconnected and rejuvenated.

L’Alyana Resort, Vietnam

If you and your special someone are the kind of couple that loves nature and recharge by being immersed in it…this one is for you. L’Alyana offers the jungle and ocean at the same time. Located in Vinh Van Bay each room is “semi-closed,” secluded by nature, steps away from the ocean and serviced by a personal 24/7 butler. It would be next to impossible to let little things like time and stress get in your way while spending time relaxing here.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, United Arab Emirates

Have you always wanted to experience the romance of the desert, but, weren’t so keen on trekking through the heat and sand to get there? Well, let me introduce you to Qasr Al Sarab from Anantara. Luxury and comfort are provided by a variety of different rooms, which overlook the stunning desert. Soak up the sun and grounding ambiance from the comfort of your outdoor pool or experience it on a camel trekking tour by day. This unique experience creates a sanctuary for couples of all kinds.

Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

Located on the world UNESCO World Heritage Site Qing Cheng Mountain, this experience offers much more than accommodation. The Qing Cheng Mountain is one of the most important centers for Taoism in China. Six Senses hotels are known for providing unique, world-class wellness and this property is no exception. If your looking to find balance, grounding, and peace this experience has your couple’s name all over it.

As a couple what needs do you have? Which property speaks to you?

Each and every couple has unique needs and requests, and it’s our pleasure to help you meet those. With all of the options available it can be hard to choose which one is best suited for your personalized needs.
We want the experience to leave you feeling connected, bonded and recharged by simply spending time with one another and enjoying what our beautiful world has to offer.

If you have any questions about these hotels or other couples destinations, please contact one of our experienced travel specialists here.

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