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Canadians can quarantine for just 2 days after international travel, instead of 14 days?!

Yes, if you’re flying directly into Calgary.

INTRODUCING THE Calgary Airport Arrival Testing – International Border Testing Pilot Program 

Recently, the Province of Alberta, the Government of Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recently announced a science-based, arrival testing program at YYC — the first of its kind at any Canadian airport.

International passengers that are eligible and arriving into Calgary International Airport will have the option to voluntarily take a free COVID-19 test upon arrival. Should they test negative, they will be allowed to quarantine for less time (2 days), provided they commit to following specific public health and testing measures.

To be eligible for the rapid-testing program, passengers must be arriving on a direct flight into Calgary from outside Canada.

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TierOne Travel’s President Shelley Ewing participated in the International Border Testing Pilot Program and here’s what she has to say…

1). Can you explain the entire process, from getting off the airplane upon returning in YYC from Mexico, until exiting the airport and heading home?

Firstly, you must be arriving directly from an international destination, you cannot be arriving via another Canadian city.
You must register for the International Boarder Testing Pilot Program up to 5 days before your return to Calgary. You will be given an application confirmation number which need to show on arrival.
On arrival, you proceed to the Canadian Border Service Agency to clear customs and confirm eligibility. After collecting your luggage, you leave the customs & baggage area and follow the signs to the enrollment station. You then complete a short form verifying your information and confirmation number, then proceed to the next station for your Alberta Health Services Requisition form. You should have your Alberta Health card available. From there, you will see a nurse who does your throat swab.
The whole process, from deplaning to getting in to a taxi, took an hour. Although the flight was not full, we were the only flight and I was near the front of the plane.

2). Did the process feel safe? If so, how?

It felt very safe. Everyone was wearing a mask and maintaining safe distances.

3). Did the process feel fast / efficient? Why or why not?

There were three different line ups, but each step was well-manned, quick and efficient

4). What is the process once you return home from the airport?

I took a taxi directly home and remained in quarantine until I received a text message with the results of my test. The negative result came within 48 hours. I was then able to go out, but to stay away from individuals of high-risk, such as nursing homes or health care settings. I also have to remain in Alberta for 14 days.

5). Would you recommend the rapid testing / 2-day quarantine option to others? Why or why not?

Absolutely! Even if it adds another 2 hours on to your journey, it sure beats a 14-day quarantine!
COVID19 Rapid testing at YYC Calgary International Airport

How Do I Participate in the International Border Testing Pilot Program?

As per YYC.com’s COVID-19 Testing at YYC Page:

Steps to follow prior to arriving at YYC:

Visit the Government of Alberta’s website to determine if you’re eligible for the International Border Testing Pilot Program.

Steps to follow upon arrival at YYC:

  1. You must fill in the ArriveCAN app form with your quarantine plan and contact info up to 48 hours in advance as of Nov. 21.
  2. Complete your customs declaration with the CanBorder eDeclaration app.
  3. Complete the International Border Testing Pilot Program questionnaire (this can be done up to five days in advance of arriving).

Visit the Government of Alberta’s website for more information on the program.

COVID19 Rapid testing at YYC Calgary International Airport

Shelley Ewing

President / Director – TierOne Travel

Growing up in the bush in Zambia has given Shelley a lifelong passion and appreciation for different cultures, nature, and wildlife. She had an amazing childhood watching her family build and run a safari lodge in the Kafue National Park.

Since arriving in Calgary in 1980, travel has continued to be a focus for Shelley; from working as a travel consultant to managing a travel agency for 15 years, and then co-owning and operating TierOne Travel since 1994. She has travelled extensively, but don’t be surprised if you hear her say “Africa. It’s just so amazing!” when someone asks her about her favorite destination.



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