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Memories are made from creating and experiencing new things, and there is no shortage of opportunities for that in Europe.

If your kids like to explore and as parents, you like culture and history, then Europe has a ton of destinations for your family.
While there are lots of places to go, and things to see in Europe, there is also a lot to consider when travelling with young tourists including sights, costs, city walkability, culture, cuisine and more. In preparing this list we tried to consider everything.

Top 5 cities in Europe for family travel


If your kids like story books then they will be in story tale heaven in London. Paddington Bear Station, Peter Pan Kensington Gardens, Marry Poppins Hyde Park and the most favorite of all – Harry Potter exhibition.
Kids will also love the double-decker buses that explore the entire city with hop on hop off capabilities and humorous commentary. Older kids will enjoy the Eye of London and many interesting museums including the iconic Science Museum.
London is also a great place to find simple food for picky eaters; the city offers a variety of cuisine including typical English fish and chips. Plus a bonus for mom and dad is that pubs in England allow children inside, accompanied by an adult. Yes, your pint is waiting.

2. Stockholm

Who remembers Pippi Longstocking? Well, here in Stockholm she is kind of a big deal, and you will find a whole amusement park featuring her and her signature rides that kids will be sure to love.
Kids will also enjoy the city’s colourful buildings and interesting geography. You can walk, ferry or kayak around the island districts for a whole day of adventure. Enjoy a famous freshly baked cinnamon bun that will keep everyone member of the family in good spirits.
Summer is a great time to visit to utilize the parks and outdoor activities. However, in the winter there is a consuming magic that sweeps over the entire city with Christmas markets and lights on every corner.

3. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a lot to offer any traveller and that includes families.
The city is extremely easy to find your way around and is covered in safe biking paths. For some fun get every family member a bike and explore the cobblestone paths, or if you’re daring, hop on a couple of tandem bikes.
Another family favourite in Amsterdam is the Pizza Cruise. Enjoy pizza and ice cream as you cruise around some of the most famous canals in the world. If that’s not enough, there are also countless food tours around the city that are family friendly.
If your kids are into artwork, they will love some of the museums, such as the Van Gough museum where they can try their hand at painting on site.
As mentioned before, there is something in Amsterdam for everyone.

4. Copenhagen

There are so many things that your kids will enjoy in Copenhagen; I guarantee they will be ready for bed every night.
The Blue Planet is one of my favourites. It’s one of the largest aquariums in Northern Europe. There are also zoo’s, museums dedicated to kids, and two of the oldest amusement parks in the world.
If your family is active and likes to get out and about Copenhagen will provide that along with friendly, lovely people.

5. Reykjavik

Reykjavik is often thought of as just a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, while that does hold true, there is no reason that you can’t enjoy those outdoor activities with kids.
Whale watching, swimming, hiking, museums, parks, zoos and playground in the middle of the city are just some of the activities families will enjoy. Reykjavik loves kids and kids love Reykjavik.
Different times of year offer different appeals. Summer is ideal for hiking and parks, while winter is famous for Northern Lights and snowy adventure through stunning scenery. All year long Reykjavik offers an extensive list of festivals that you should be sure to check out before booking or arriving.

Life lasting memories can be made anywhere

Europe provides the perfect canvas to design a holiday fit for every family, that is filled with not only fun but, culture and history too.
If you’re interested in travelling Europe with the family, be sure to get some seasoned advice from our TierOne Travel specialists.
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