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February marks the month of romance!

No matter where you are in the world you can create a romantic moment if you are with your significant other. However, there are some special times in our lives that we get to spoil ourselves and those closest to us with a romantic vacation.
All of our travel specialists agree that when we are out of our normal routine and in a different environment with our significant other, moments of romance will come naturally. Some destinations simply bring out more romantic energy than others.

Our top picks for romantic destinations

Bali, Indonesia

romantic destinations
Image credit: https://hanginggardensofbali.com/
Long before the making of the movie Eat, Love, Pray lived a tiny island that oozed romance. That island is Bali. For years, couples have been escaping to this tiny paradise to slow down, connect and re-energize.
Known as “The Islands of the Gods”, Bali has a special kind of ambiance that brings people together. Countless beaches and bungalows await couples who want to experience something a bit different.
One fantastic place for couples to stay is the Hanging Gardens Of Bali hotel, where couples will find themselves in an infinity pool that is perched out overlooking the lush jungle of Ubud.

Paris, France

romantic destinations
Paris has been known to evoke romance in just about everyone. Maybe it’s the gourmet cuisine, exquisite art or ‘jour de vivre’ (cheerful enjoyment of life) throughout the city.
Stroll through the lively city centre, experience world-acclaimed museums or find a poet reciting in a park; opportunities for love are everywhere. Finish off your day with an amazing meal at one of the top restaurants in Paris.
The number one thing for couples to do is to experience the Eiffel Tower at sunset. If going up the tower does not interest you, set up a picnic at one of the nearby parks and enjoy a freshly baked baguette, good wine, and the company of your S.O. as the sun sets behind the beautiful Eiffel Tower.

Kyoto, Japan

romantic destinations
Kyoto in the spring is hard to beat. Imagine taking a boat trip down the Shirakawa River with cherry blossoms above, around, and as far as the eye can see.
That is just one of the activities to experience with your S.O. Others include a stroll through the bamboo forest and more flowers (this time Sakura flowers) at Arashiyama.
Kyoto is a large city and provides all kinds of dining options to explore. Cap off your day with some world-class sushi or ramen.
To get the most out of your romantic vacation, stay in your own private ryokan. These private rooms are villa-style and include your own zen garden to sit back and relax in.


romantic destinations
If you and your S.O. love the ocean (being in it, or looking at it), the Maldives is your destination. When you think about your own private overwater bungalow, the Maldives is likey where you are imagining.
Turquoise waters, white sand, five-star service and fresh seafood; this archipelago has nailed hospitality.
The Maldives is less about doing, and more about being. The slow pace and beautiful environment is a sure way to spark romance and gratitude.
Hop off your own private balcony and go snorkelling or hang out together in an overwater double hammock for the day. Whichever you choose, lifelong memories will be made.

Venice, Italy

romantic destinations
Venice has hosted a honeymoon or two. Known as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, Venice knows how to deliver romance. Picture canals everywhere and the warm Italian culture welcoming you in every restaurant and hotel.
If you are up for a walk, the Bell Tower provides a great view of the city. Be sure to take a tour with an informative guide to really get the most out of the experience. After your Bell Tower walk, sit down, relax and enjoy some of the world’s best pizza, found at almost every corner.
Our must-do for couples in Venice is, of course, a private canal ride. Experience the magic of the city on the water with just the two of you. Be sure to kiss your special someone as you pass under the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Each couple is unique.

Just like every destination, each couple is unique.
What you and your S.O. like to do is personal to you. Our experienced travel specialists are knowledgeable about all kinds of worldly offerings. Just let us know the things that you enjoy doing together most, and we will happily come up with our top destinations to suit both of you.
Together we can plan the romantic getaway you and your partner deserve.
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