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“Don’t be scared to walk alone, don’t be scared to like it” – John Mayer

If you have ever travelled alone, you know the feeling this quote evokes.
Many first-time solo travellers have fears and doubts but, I am yet to meet one that regrets their decision to go alone and doesn’t want to explore new places, learn more, indulge in new cuisines and deep dive into heartfelt cultures again.
Why? Because when we embark on a journey on our own, it’s as if we are more readily available to step outside of our comfort zone and somehow reflect that back upon ourselves.
Your mind gets stretched, your perception changes, you learn new things, and all of a sudden you realize –  the world is a big place, yes, but it’s filled with loving, kind people just like you.
Whether you’re planning your first solo journey, or are a season solo traveller, we’re sure that you will love these destinations.

Five must-see destinations for solo travellers

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a walking city, and for that reason, it makes travelling alone much easier. No need to source out drivers or guides, you can get to most attractions by walking. If walking is not your thing, there’s also a metro that runs through the city.
Make sure you have GPS on your phone or a map, because of the way beautiful Barcelona is set up, it can become a bit of a maze with markets, shops, churches, statues, and cafes. However, if you’re not in a rush, these places can make the perfect pit stops along your walking tour to grab some tapas, sit at a bar sipping a sangria and meeting new friends, or simply sit in awe in front of some of the most amazing architecture in the world.
Gaudi was an architect from Spain; you can spot many of his unique buildings around the city. My personal favourite is the Sagrada Familia. Its beauty is both perplexing and stunning.
If you’re looking to get out of the city, the Montserrat is a beautiful hike that gives way to stunning sights of the city and surrounding areas. Here you can spend some time journaling, reading or just enjoying the vista.

Melbourne, Australia

We mentioned Australia in our Top Destinations of 2017 blog because of its unique outdoor experiences. Melbourne is no exception to that, although it’s a metropolitan city is not far from nature and adventurous experiences.
It has been voted one of the most livable cities in the world and has a free tourist tram, plus weekly walking tours. Inside the city, you will find a plethora of shops, cafes, and a ton of friendly people.
If you’re looking to get out of the city but still relax, head up to the Yarra Valley where you will find over 50 wineries in a jaw-dropping picturesque setting.  The wineries are open for wine tours and wine tastings. The Yarra Valley is just an hour out of the city but, you will feel miles away from any kind of normality.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is close to my heart and where many solo travellers choose to visit each and every year to reconnect with themselves and find inspiration in their life or business.
Sunny days, sipping on a coconut, diving into a book or the blue ocean can be one day, or everyday in Bali. There is so much to explore from temples that will move your soul, to sunsets that never get old.
Bali is also known as the Island of ‘The Island of the Gods’ and for this reason, attracts a lot of like-minded solo travellers and expats. Meeting friends is easy. However, if you’re looking for some solo rest and relaxation, it’s not hard to find within a large variety of yoga studios, meditation retreats, private villas, luxury spas and footprint-less beaches.
If you want to learn more about Bali check out our recent blog


We recently shared an article on this beautiful continent and is emerging interest within solo travellers.
If you’re the kind of traveller that wants to get off the beaten path and explore some adventure and wildlife, this is the destination for you.
Sometimes when we get outside of our comfort zone, we learn the most about ourselves and get to ask the question “who created that zone anyway?”.
Africa is the perfect canvas for any kind of adventure. Safaris and guided tours come in a range of accommodations and classes. Whatever you are looking for you will find in Africa.
Many solo travellers worry about safety when travelling to Africa alone. The article above discusses this topic and a variety of options.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland was also mentioned in our Top Destinations for 2017 blog for its outdoor enthusiast and wellness seeker appeal.
In Reykjavik, you will find many English speaking people which makes getting around and asking questions very easy. It was also voted as one of the safest destinations on the planet.
There are lots of tour desks to book excursions with or plan and venture on your own. Be sure to pack a map or GPS, as some spots are more rugged than others.
If you are into hiking, there’s more than enough trials to fill your itinerary. If you want to soak up the scenery in a more relaxing way, hop into the Blue Lagoon for a surreal wellness experience.
It’s also possible to spot the northern lights in Reykjavik best seen between September – February. Most of all, don’t forget your camera, Iceland is shockingly beautiful, and even if you’re not a photo buff, you will be compelled to take a few snaps of the scenery.

Go, Solo.

Travelling alone is good for the mind, body, and soul. You will surprise yourself with your accomplishments and reflect back upon them for a lifetime to come.
So, where will be your first stop?
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