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Many people refer to Norway as the most beautiful place on earth, it’s earned this title from it natural wonder and Scandinavian flair.

Image an adventure of the most pristine, majestic and sophisticated sort – that’s what travelling in Norway can deliver.

The culture of Norway is very diverse with a strong Viking influence. The cuisine, architecture, and ambiance is undeniably unique.
Enjoy fresh fish, shellfish, cured meats and a variety of cheese with almost every meal. But, a trip to Norway is not complete without waffles with brown cheese for breakfast.

Seasons in Norway have a clear definition

Winters are chilly, especially in the North where the sun does not rise from November – January. However, this makes for a great opportunity to see the spectacular northern lights. In other areas of Norway, such as the West winters are mild, thanks to the warming air current and gulf stream. The snow season is guaranteed, with world class ski and snowboard conditions.
Spring marks the re-birth. Lighter days, longer nights and warmer temperatures make the perfect setting for exploring back outdoors and celebrating the beautiful snowy mountains and blossoming meadows.
In summer Norway comes alive. In the North, where there was once darkness, there is now midnight sun and in the West warm temperatures rise and spending time on the water, becomes a favourite activity.
The fall has to be my favourite season, the colours are magnificent, and the is air so crisp and clean. This is a popular time for hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Go play outside

Norway has so much to see and do. From beautiful coastlines to stunning cliffs there’s something to see outside for everyone.


Created in the ice age, these stunning mammoths are a prize to experience. The deep, crystal clear blue waters are home to a variety of wildlife including whales, seals, fish and the perfect playground for scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking.
One of the most visited areas is the Geirangerfjord; this is a UNESCO protected site surrounded by snowy mountains, lush vegetation, and scenic waterfalls. A trip here will not be forgotten.

Stave Church

Stave Church is one of the 28 medieval wooden churches in Norway; it was built 900 years ago with blended Celtic and Viking inspiration. It’s majestically placed in the woods and provides a stunning photo opportunity.


Norway has been known to be “the land of 1000 waterfalls”. Voringfossen is the most popular of those waterfalls. At 182 meters high it’s not the tallest but, its 145-meter free fall into the dramatic landscape of the narrow valley makes it beautiful beyond words.

Nidaros Cathedral

The Nidaros Cathedral was built to house the body of the Viking Saint Olav. His nephew was said to build it between 1066 – 1090, it’s the most important church in Norway and the largest in Scandinavia.

Atlantic Ocean Road

Dreaming of a road trip? The Atlantic Ocean Road may exceed your dreams. With amazing design and innovative architecture, this 8.3km road was built in 1989 on a series of small islands. The epic views have granted it a Cultural Heritage Site and National Tourist Route.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

The national park is home to the largest glacier in Europe, covering half of the park. Famous for its varied vegetation, walking, hiking and glacier guiding is all possible within this one stunning park.

Sophisticated Cities

Besides the beautiful outdoor recreation, Norway also has entertaining, bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Here you will find designer shopping, gourmet restaurants, and varied entertainment.
Some of our top picks for city trips are:


The country capital, known for museums, art, business, and gourmet restaurants. This cosmopolitan city is where most flights fly in and out of and shouldn’t be missed on any itinerary.


Located in the southwest, this city has a laid-back coastal feel. The colourful wooden houses make for a scenic backdrop to the old wharf. Try some of the famed seafood from the local catch of the day.


Known as the “adventure capital of the Fjords” Alesund is a unique coastal city with one of a kind architecture. Spend some time here and embark on some unforgettable adventures.

The adventure awaits

Norway will leave you breathless in any season. From it’s jaw-dropping natural beauty to the design and sophistication of Scandinavia, a trip to Norway will be sure to please every traveller.
If you have any questions regarding travels to Norway or anywhere else in Europe please feel free to contact one of our travel specialist, who would be happy to help!

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