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With podcasts now available on almost every topic, it’s becoming easier and easier to be an expert on whatever you want, just by tuning in on your way to work.

The trend of listening to podcasts is growing, people love them, and at TierOne Travel, we do too.
For us it’s about becoming an expert at any and every destination, to better serve our clients. Podcasts also allow the listener to become inspired, enlightened and open-minded about new destinations, travel stories and of course travel news. Not to mention it’s wildly fascinating to hear interviews from seasoned travellers and their wanderlust experiences.
There are lots of amazing travel podcast available that make it possible to learn a lot in a short period of time, all while being entertained.

Here are our ten favourite travel podcasts

1. The daily travel Podcast

A group of travel experts and explores promotes meaningful travel through sharing experiences. Hosted by Nathaniel Boyle.

2. Travel with Rick Steves

Many people have seen Rick Steves on TV. He is a European travel specialist and has years and years of extensive experience; he is also very entertaining to listen to.
Hosted by Rick Steves

3. Extra Pack of Peanuts

A podcast focused on travelling more and spending less. Tips, tricks, and stories from a husband and wife’s journey to over 100 countries.
Hosted by: Travis Sherry

4. Travelounge

The who, what, when and where of travel.
Hosted by: Conde Nast Traveler

5. Amateur Traveler

A destination specific podcast with lots of interesting interviews from destination specialists
Hosted by: Chris Christensen

6. Tips for travellers

Just like the title states tips and tricks for travellers. Gary covers every kind of travel from culinary to adventure.
Hosted by: Gary Bembridge

7. A Road Retraveled

This podcast explores amazing places and discovers unique cuisine, culture, and history in each one.
Hosted by: A Road Retraveled

8. Betty in the sky with a suitcase

Betty is a flight attendant, and I guarantee she will make you laugh. This flight attendant shares her hilarious travel stories in a way that makes you want to get out and explore with her.
Hosted by: Betty

9. Family Adventure Podcast with Erik Hemingway

Great if you have or are looking to have a family and continue (or start!) travelling. Tips, tricks, and destinations for family travel.
Hosted by: Erik Hemingway

10. Go Solo Live

Stories from solo female travellers. Inspiration, destinations, and journeys.
Hosted by: Jennifer I Butchholz

Which one do you already subscribe to? Or what one are you planning to start listening to?

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
TierOne Travel

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