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At TierOne Travel, we have a wide range of travel consultants who specialize in various types of travel. Combined, our agents have been to almost every corner of the globe. Their experience and expertise allow them to create dream vacations with ease.
In this blog, we are going to focus on five destinations recommended by five of our agents that ensure to provide you with plenty of memories and fun in the sun.
At this time of year we all start to daydream about warm, white sandy beaches but have not necessarily settled on a particular destination. It can be tough to narrow down just one location, since there is so much beauty to be discovered, made available right at our fingertips, in today’s ever-so-connected world.
Therefore, we thought there were no better people to ask than our TierOne Travel Specialists.

Top 5 destinations for sun this winter

Thailand, Steve Foote

winter destinations
If you are looking for a bit of exotic sun this winter, Thailand is a great option. Although Thailand may be further to fly to than other destinations, it is in fact very budget-friendly.
Often prices will fluctuate throughout the winter season, so be sure to do your research. Once in Thailand, accommodation, activities and food are considerably well-priced.
Thailand has it all from five-star world-class resorts to beach bungalows that look out onto the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand. If you like the buzz of a big city head to Bangkok, but if a slower pace is more your thing, the islands will have you never wanting to come back home! Within Thailand, Steve suggests visiting Hua Hin, Phuket, and Koh Samui.
For any questions regarding Thailand travel, reach out to TierOne Travel Specialist Steve Foote.

Cook Islands, Melanie Hersom

winter destinations
The Cook Islands may not fall on every travelers’ radar due to the travel time required to get there. However, once you arrive, it is well worth the journey.
If you are looking for a beautiful beach with stunning snorkeling, head to Aitutaki. However, the Cook Islands have much more to offer than just beaches. Visitors can enjoy renting bikes or mopeds and exploring around the islands. You can also jump on local tours where you actually meet and interact with friendly locals, enjoy night paddles on the lagoon, and experience delicious cuisine.
The culture of the Cook Islands is very unique and not to be missed.
If you are planning a trip to the Cook Islands, be sure to contact Melanie Hersom for some great tips and tricks.

Maui, Alison Hastings

winter destinations
Sometimes over the holiday season time is of the essence, and that is one of the appealing factors in travelling to Hawaii. From Hawaii to Calgary, the flight time is only about 6.5 hrs. Hawaii is also a relatively familiar destination and easy to do on your own.
Alison suggests Maui as her top pick for the Hawaiian Islands. Maui has a lot to offer every kind of travellers from snorkelling and outrigger canoes to waterfall hikes and surfing. One of the most iconic hikes on the islands is Haleakala. Alison suggests experiencing it as a sunset hike opposed to the more popular sunrise hike. Still amazing views, just less people, and more of a manageable start time.
Start your vacation off on the Kihei/Wailea side and then travel to the Kaanapali/Lahaina side for the latter half of your vacation to get the best out of the whole island during your stay.
Looking for more Hawaiian travel tips? Contact TierOne Travel Specialist Alison Hastings.

Mexico, Sharon Andersen

winter destinations
Direct flights from Calgary to Huatulco and Playa Mujeres are hard to beat! The almost guaranteed good weather, friendly locals, all-inclusive resorts and picture-perfect beaches are just an added bonus.
Travellers to Mexico on a winter vacation will experience a very relaxing holiday. Mexico has tourism down to an art. Whether you want to spend your days on the beach or exploring the history of the area, there are multiple options for you.
Mexico is also a great destination for couples looking to get some alone time at an adults-only resort, or families looking to spend some quality time together at family focused resort.
If you are thinking about Mexico for this holiday season, contact Sharon Andersen for more information. Sharon also suggests Jamaica, Costa Rica and Belize as other great options for direct flight sun vacations.

Jamaica, Angela duQuesnay

winter destinations
Jamaica has a lot more to offer than just great beaches. In fact, some of the best swimming in Jamaica is in the crystal clear waterfalls and rivers. Angela suggests Somerset Falls, Dunns River Falls, YS Falls and Mayfield Falls.
The Jamaican history is truly diverse and that diversity is seen in the culture and cuisine throughout Jamaica today. Visitors will enjoy a melting pot of cuisines including jerk, Curry Goat, Fry fish, Bammy, mackerel run down, Sunday roast dinners with pork, chicken, rice and peas and of course the national dish of Ackee and saltfish.
The Southern beaches of Jamaica are black sand and recently becoming more popular for surfing. The North beaches are white sand and provide great opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving.
Angela moved from Jamaica in 1976 and holds a plethora of knowledge on the island. She is familiar with the Meet The People Program, which is arranged pre-travel to offer visitors a chance to be matched up with a local that has the same interests as them. If you are interested in the program or travelling to Jamaica be sure to contact Angela before you depart.

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