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You’re heading to the Caribbean with an aim to sit back, relax and enjoy life on island time.

Most travellers to the Caribbean are looking for a care-free vacation filled with sunny memories and fresh, colourful drinks. The last thing any vacationer needs is to be worried about health concerns while experiencing paradise.
In order to truly enjoy your trip, most travellers state that they want to be in optimal health during their vacation. This includes both mental and physical health. Sometimes the stress around the potential of getting sick abroad can be just as worrisome as the actual sickness.
The Caribbean is a beautifully stunning destination with over 7000 islands to choose from. Each island has its own personal flair and magnetic draw. There are a few things you can guarantee on most islands; they are friendly people, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, authentic cuisine and colourful, lush flora/fauna.
Most travellers to the Caribbean do not experience any serious health problems. However, it’s always good to be prepared when travelling anywhere in the world.

Keep yourself and your family in vacation mode with these five Caribbean health tips:

1. Be informed

When it comes to travel health, ignorance is not bliss. To live out your most care-free vacation, avoid surprises by researching your destination ahead of time. A great place to look is on the Public Health Agency of Canada. They provide up-to-date travel advisories. Using these advisories, you can ensure that the destination you have chosen is right for you and your travel companions.

2. Visit a travel clinic

Visiting a travel clinic can provide a significant amount of information and support. Staff at most clinics are well versed in Caribbean travel and will be able to give you a list of precautions based on your specific island. Try to visit the clinic at least six weeks prior to your departure in case there are any vaccines you need to receive.

3. Study your travel insurance

Purchase travel insurance. Most of the time you will never need to use it, but it gives you peace of mind, and in the off chance that you need it, it’s there for financial support. Before you choose your travel insurance plan and provider make sure that you spend some time researching your options. Coverages and deductibles vary considerably from plan to plan. Ensure that you know what you are travelling with, how to use it in an emergency and what portion you will be left liable for.

4. Think before you drink

Travellers diarrhea is often transmitted through bacteria, viruses or parasites in food and drinks. Before you order a fresh salad or blended drink, enquire with the staff to ensure that filtered water has been used in its preparation. The same goes for brushing your teeth and drinking water.

5. Protect the skin you are in

While travelling to the Caribbean, you will want to protect your skin from insect bites and sun. Most travellers are well versed in sun-smart behaviour including sunscreen, hats, shade and hydration. Protection from insects, such as mosquitos, is relatively new in light of the Zika outbreak. Zika has been reported on all of the Caribbean islands. To take precaution, wear long sleeve clothing and spray bug repellant in the day and night. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before you travel.

Enjoy your trip with peace of mind

By following the five simple tips above, you will enable yourself and your family to create memorable vacation memories by enjoying all of the vacation elements.
Caribbean travel is one of a kind for Canadians. If you are thinking about travelling to one of the 7000 islands but not sure where to start, or if it’s right for you, contact one of our vacation specialists.
Our team at TierOne Travel is experienced in all kinds of travel niches and would be happy to help you create your dream vacation.
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