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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” – Carl Sagan

Those who have experienced solo travel will agree that it is one of the most rewarding experiences on this planet.
All too often, people miss out on amazing adventures because they are hesitant to venture out on their own. The thought of travelling alone can be both liberating and daunting to many travellers. The truth is there are as many, if not more, benefits to travelling solo than any other kind of travel.
When we are able to step outside of our comfort zone and see past our own doubts, we surprise ourselves. Travelling alone has the power to shift your perspective about the world in a way that group travel simply cannot deliver.
There are many benefits to solo travel, but for the purpose of this blog, we wanted to focus on our top six.

Top benefits of solo travel

1. Flexibility

How good would it feel to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, every day? That is the kind of freedom that solo travel gives you. There is no one else waiting on you and you’re not waiting on anyone else to make decisions or plans.
With the freedom you will enjoy as a solo traveller, you can save a lot of money. Booking flights and accommodation with flexibility can help you get the best deals just about anywhere.
Whenever people want to travel solo, we always suggest allowing a bit of flexibility in the itinerary. This allows the traveller to do more of what they enjoy.

2. Peace

Following close behind the benefit of flexibility is the benefit of peace. There is a beautiful sense of peace you experience when travelling solo. Being in quiet and stillness is a great way to calm the nervous system and practice being in the present moment.
All too often when we travel with others, we have this constant need to fill the time with chatter. This chatter takes us away from our surroundings and mutes the entire experience. When we can practice being alone with our thoughts, we can pay attention to what positively stimulates us. We can really take in our surroundings and process the experience.
For some, being alone with your thoughts can be daunting; however, the practice of being aware of your thought patterns can prove to be exponentialy significant in all areas of your life, on the road and back at home.

3. Confidence

This one is inevitable. Solo travellers gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence. The realization that you can do it on your own is big enough to make a huge impact on the way you see yourself.
Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will lead to empowerment and independence.
Making decisions on your own, eating on your own, exploring and learning on your own are all ways to broaden your horizon and believe us when we say, you will develop a desire for more of this kind of travel once you have the taste! Once back home, this newfound confidence will find its way into your relationships, career and even daily routine. It’s travel magic.

4. Friendships

Aside from spending time with yourself, travelling solo presents a plethora of opportunities to meet new people and create lifelong friendships.
You will be surprised to find out how many other solo travellers are out there looking to explore the same sites as you. There is something about being in a foreign place that makes people come out of their shell and reach out to others.
When you travel with a group, you are well within your comfort zone and don’t typically put yourself out there for others to meet. We can guarantee that travelling solo will present you with the opposite experience. Since you are living and breathing outside of your comfort zone, talking to and meeting other people will just come naturally.
All of us at TierOne Travel can attest to meeting some of the most impactful people in our lives during our travels!

5. Mindset

In addition to a shift in perspective, you will encounter a shift in your mindset. Seeing other cultures, experiencing new things and developing a sense of resilience will all attribute to creating a growth mindset.
According to psychologist Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset, and it can assist us in developing a love of learning and a belief that we can develop as human beings.
Travelling helps you to see the world differently, and travelling solo heightens this experience by encouraging you to stay in the present moment. These two factors can shift your mindset completely and tip you over into a growth mindset that can aid in all areas of life.

6. Self- discovery

How well do you know yourself?
This may seem like a simple question, but when you begin to dig past your favourite colour and food, not everyone knows themselves as well as they think.
If you are not sure what your core values are, travelling solo is a sure way to uncover them. You will begin to see your values show up every day in your decision because you and only you are the one making the decisions.
Solo travel is a great way to find out what is important to you.

Traveling solo is a gift

Solo travel is a gift to yourself. It’s an investment in your wellbeing and much more than a simple vacation.
Most people come back from their time away with a whole new understanding of themselves and the world. This positive change has a ripple effect that flows into their daily lives and lasts long after the trip is over.
If you, or someone you know, is thinking about travelling solo, contact one of our travel specialists today to start planning a dream solo adventure.
Our travel specialists are experienced in all kinds of travel experiences and will be more than happy to help!
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