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As we continue our TierOne Travel series, I am continuously inspired by our amazing team and this week is no exception.

I am pleased to Introducing Melanie Hersom. Melanie has been working in the travel industry for 36 years, after dreaming about it as a little girl.
How does she stay motivated? To her it’s simple – creating unique, non-cookie-cutter vacations gets her fired up and ready to take on more. It’s about the satisfaction she receives when seeing a client realise that their travel dreams can come true. No matter how abstract those dreams may be.
Melanie specializes in couples and multi-generational travel. With 36 years in the business, she has had the opportunity to travel to every continent on the globe and has found a passion in Adventure, Cruising, Family & Multi-Generational and Luxury travel


Where would your top destination recommendation be for couples? Why? The Cook Islands. It’s a fabulous destination with boutique beachfront villas with their private pool allows couples to re-connect.
Where would your top destination recommendation be for family travel? Why? Cruising – anywhere is great for families. In port you don’t have to see everything, it’s being there as a family and sharing the experiences that matters. At 14, my son was thrilled to find Texas size doughnuts on Mykonos, but the windmills barely got a glance! My kids always loved the activities provided for days at sea and I enjoyed a quiet chair on deck reading.
Where would your top destination recommendation be for solo travellers? Why? New York City, I’ve been there solo myself. You get to go where you want when you want for as long as you want! I pick up food at a market or food cart and enjoy it on a park bench. It’s always easier to get a single theatre ticket than it is a pair last minute.
Melanie is a shining example of an experienced travel consultant that is ready to go the extra mile in creating vacations that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Ready to start planning? Or get some travel inspiration ideas?


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