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At TierOne Travel we have an amazing group of travel specialists with years of experience to make your travel plans seamless, enjoyable and completely catered to you.

Their expertise range from cruise and culinary travel to solo and family travel.
We wanted to take some time introducing a few of our team members through the TierOne Travel Specialist Spotlight series.

This week we would like to introduce you to Warren Robinson

Warren has been working in the travel industry for 19 years. With that experience, he brings to the table a secure knowledge of market value and a relaxed, humorous approach to planning travel.
His love of travel includes adventures to over 44 countries and over 15 memorable cruises. Naturally, he was inspired to work in the travel industry and finds daily enjoyment in planning and researching clients adventures.
Warren specializes in Leisure Travel to specifically but, not limited to Europe and Asia. His favourite destination is New York, when asked why he states “I feel it’s the heartbeat of the world. Never a dull moment.”


We asked Warren what his top destinations recommendations are for different categories of travellers:
Where would your top destination recommendation be for couples? Why? Europe The romance of cities like Paris and Rome. The uniqueness of Venice and Amsterdam. The culture of Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. The familiarity of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin. So many great moments to create together.
Where would your top destination recommendation be for family travel? Why? North America – Shorter flight times, Easier navigation, and lots of great things to see. California and Florida with their ocean and theme parks. Hawaii for sun and beach. Cities like Chicago and New York for theater and dining. Canadian cities like Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Edmonton for year-round festivals and beautiful scenery.   
Where would your top destination recommendation be for solo travellers? Why? Asia and Central America – Adventure travel where you meet up with other solo travelers looking to experience the destination with new friends. Less expensive destinations to keep the cost of hotels and meals down to travel longer.
What’s really unique about Warren is his ability to bond and see eye to eye with his clients. He believes that travel is a way to see the world differently and it’s with that mindset he has sent families, couples, newlyweds and even a few fiances-to-be on journeys that have changed their life forever for the better.

Ready to start planning? Or get some travel inspiration ideas?

Warren can be contacted on our website here along with a wide range of other excellent travel specialists.
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”St. Augustine

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