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This week we’re pleased to present Ian Glen

If you’re looking for a personalized travel experience, Ian is your guy. With 22 years in the business, Ian has mastered the difference between price and value. It’s this experience and knowledge that makes him a great, well rounded travel agent.
For Ian, the motivation to stay in the industry comes from his clients. Having clients tell him that his travel plans or input bettered their overall travel experience is fuel to Ian business.
Ian’s profile is really interesting. Some of the places he mentions and experiences he’s had will make you want to get out and see the world yourself (and try some tasty Dim Sum in Hong Kong).

Check out Ian’s Q&A below

Where is you favourite destination and why?

Hong Kong, a city of constant contradictions between the densely populated urban jungle of skyscrapers and tranquil rural areas, the ancient traditions meeting an ultra-modern metropolis and a ‘work hard, play hard’ approach that gives the territory a unique buzz.

What is your favourite culture and why?

I’ve always loved the Greek culture as there’s thousands of years of art, philosophy and medicine that’s formed the basis of Western civilization as we know it. The stunning scenery of the Greek Islands, delicious food and a friendly people all keep me travelling back to Greece.

Have you ever gone on a culinary travel vacation? Please explain your experience

My last culinary tour was a walking Dim Sum food day-tour in Kowloon, Hong Kong and it was a learning lunch with a local tour guide who shared favorite Cantonese delicacies, their history and how to order them. As a solo traveler I really enjoyed joining others over a large meal which really is the best way to sample Dim Sum.

What is your favourite client story?

Clients who were touring Angkor Wat, Cambodia received an email from their daughter who was joining them a short time later elsewhere in Southeast Asia that her passport wasn’t valid for long enough and she may be held up meeting them. The couple sent me a quick note and while touring one of the monumental temples in the Angkor Wat complex met a Buddhist priest and exchanging a knowing look said a silent prayer all would work out which it did thanks to some speedy same-day service from the passport office. Hearing the story from the couple over lunch after their return home and all their travel experiences from the trip was a great way for me to hear about all the memories that were created.
See the world today for none of us knows what tomorrow holds”

Are you ready to see and explore all that the world has to offer?

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