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Greece is a popular destination for tourists from around the world and within Europe. It’s fresh vistas, fun people and delicious cuisine keeps guests coming back time after time.

In this special place, Greek mythology comes alive. You can truly appreciate the myths and teachings that have come from this godly land, once you have experienced it. There is a supernatural wonder here. Maybe it’s the stunning scenery or the jagged cliffs, or perhaps it’s the deep-rooted history of these special islands.
Greece has over 6000 islands. Not all are inhabited, but all add to the lure of this European paradise. One of the big appeals within these islands is their close proximity to one another; it’s easy to visit more than one island on vacation. However, don’t let their proximity fool you into thinking they are like one another. Each island presents something different; one is not better than the other but, specific islands are known for specific attractions.

Narrowing down which islands to visit can be tough, so, we ask you, what is it that you are looking for in your Greece getaway?

Best views – Santorini

Typically when travellers think of Greece a picture similar to the one up top comes to mind. Whitewash buildings that hug cliffside, colourful flowers and the beautiful Aegean Sea. This is a typical day in Santorini; it seems you almost can’t get away from one stunning vista after another while on the island.
Watch the sunset from above, on a boat, at a beach, at your villa, or a hilltop cafe, either way as soon as the golden sun kisses the horizon people all over the island will be gazing out towards it.
Santorini is known for its beauty but, it also has other attractions including The Santorini Volcano, Archaeological Museum of Thera and Minoan Bronze Age Ruins to name a few. No matter what you do, your days (and pictures) will be full of gorgeous vistas.

Best bar hopping – Mykonos

Mykonos comes a close second to Santorini in terms of popularity. It has gotten its claim to fame from being a fun, lively town. A place where upscale luxury meets an Ibiza type energy.
Nightclubs and beach bars attract Dj’s from around the world and pump music until the early hours of the morning. In the summer months, beach parties are a popular occurrence in the daytime, as well as, from sunset onwards. If you are looking for a good time, Mykonos will provide.
Aside from its lively nightlife Mykonos also boasts busy, beautiful beaches perfect for people watching or sun naps.

Best for romance – Santorini

Santorini was voted the #3 most romantic island in the world by Travel+Leisure, and we wholeheartedly agree, however, if you want more of a romantic vibe, we would suggest exploring down near Akrotiri, or up by Oia where it’s a bit quieter.
Greece oozes romance if you are travelling with your loved one you can find romance just about anywhere, anytime. But, Santorini’s views will make you certain that you have landed in heaven and earth with your special someone.

Best for Families – Andros & Kefalonia

Every family is different so, we decided to go with two islands for this best pick.
If your family is more about culture and day trips, then Andros is perfect. In Andros you will find an abundance of hiking and history, both make for great stories and memorable family time.
If you family is more relaxed and looking for a blend of adventure with quiet beach days, then Kefalonia would be our pick for you. Families can experience hidden beaches, coves, and quaint towns all while indulging in a bit of adventure at the cave lake of Melissani or inland exploring by 4×4 tours.

Best for beaches – Milos

What makes Milos so special, is its unique shape created from its volcanic past. The abundance of small coves and jagged outlines create the perfect space for unique beaches.
Milos has over 70 beaches in total. Within all of these beaches, there is something for everyone, powered sand, crushed coral shells, turquoise water, stone grottos and hot pools; not one beach is the same.
If you want to explore a bit more check out Kleftiko where a maze of caves lay in crystal clear waters, great for snorkeling, swimming, or simply floating the days away.

Best for history – Rhodes

The town of Rhodes (Medieval City) has some impressive history as does the surrounding areas. Ruins, Castles, Villages and temples all come together on this island for a beautiful blend of cultures.
There is lots to explore and learn on the island. However, if you are in need of a rest day there are plenty of beaches and world-class resorts to relax at between visiting sites.

Don’t see what you are looking for?

There are many other islands (5,994 to be exact) in Greece that we didn’t have a chance to go over. Contact one of our Europe travel specialists today, with any questions and be on your way to beautiful Greece.

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