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Paris has rightfully owned its title as the best food city in Europe.

Travellers will have a hard time finding average food in France, and more specifically Paris. If you are travelling to France, there are some top restaurants in Paris that we do not want you to miss.
Over the past ten years, Paris has been diligently working on getting its dining scene back to its roots, which is regional food cooked in a unique Parisian way, with quality at the top of mind. The Parisian way is to savour the experience, and that extends to their cooking. Small plates are very popular, and presentation is as important as taste.
New chefs are flooding top restaurants in Paris after the Paris Mayor awarded all 84 Michelin Starred restaurants in 2016 as a way to honour and motivate the restaurant scene in Paris to continue striving for greatness.
With new chefs comes new flavours from all over the world. Today we find many of the top restaurants in Paris featuring traditional French regional cooking, with a slight twist or inspiration from another region around the world. This kind of cooking is revolutionary to France and is what keeps the city and country at the top of the list for food scenes around the world.

Top Restaurants in Paris

Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire now has seven restaurants around the world, but his Paris location is the heart, and a must try for everyone.
Pierre Gagnaire’s style of cooking is best known as “modernist”, as he is not afraid to take risks in the kitchen and has been referred to as a culinary ‘poet’. Pierre Gagnaire’s success comes from his creative style and his loyalty to his team – he is known for not teaching others how to cook, but for letting them be inspired by the food and his style.
Located on 6 Rue Balzac – visit their website here.


Lassarre is known to deliver an experience for its guests with its removable roof and ever-changing menu. Lead by chef Nicolas Le Tirrand, the food is best described as “sharp, light and delectable”. The restaurant has been referred to by many as a “temple of gastronomy” and certainly does live up to its expectations night after night with its packed reservations list.
Located on 17 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt – visit their website here.

Lucas Carton

Lucas Carton is one of the most beautifully decorated rooms in Paris. However, that’s not all it has to offer. Best known for its iconic, revolutionary dishes like vanilla lobster, the restaurant continues to turn heads and please a loyal following. Today the head chef is Julien Dumas, who is the successor of Alain Senderens. In 2014 Alain Senderens retired after 30 years of cooking at Lucas Carton (previously called Senderens) and handed the restaurant to Julien Dumas, who has kept it in its Michelin standing, consistently producing outstanding cuisine.
Located on 9 9 Place de la Madeleine – visit their website here.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Chef Joël Robuchon plays out his dream at L’Atelier. Get comfortable at the sushi-style bar and watch the magic of French gastronomic cuisine take place right before your eyes. World-class dishes are cooked to perfection at this cozy restaurant, known for its creative small plates. The menu is continually changing with the seasons, as is the wine menu, which features over 200 wine selections to perfectly pair with your meal.
Located on 5, rue Montalembert – visit their website here.


Allard is one of the last gourmet bistros left in Paris, and it does not disappoint. For over 80 years Allard has been producing gourmet food, cooked by an all-women team. Chef Alain Ducasse recently passed Allard onto chef Fanny Herpin. The restaurant was built on culinary intuition and creativity. Today on the menu you will find satisfying dishes such as frog legs, perfected roast chicken, and peppered steak.
Located on 41 Rue Saint-André des Arts – visit their website here.


If you are looking for something a bit different, try Fulgurances. This contemporary restaurant serves as a test kitchen for upcoming culinary talent. Although the dishes and the chefs are always changing, this restaurant has been known for its outstanding consistency. Try a few small plates by different chefs and truly experience creativity and perfectionism at its finest.
Located on 0 Rue Alexandre Dumas – visit their website here.

Paris is always a good idea.

Paris has something for everyone, and if food is your thing, the top restaurants in Paris are sure to impress.
Aside from culinary art, Paris has a lot to offer in terms of history, art, landscape and architecture. Perfecting a trip to Paris does take some planning.
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