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Do you have someone on your gift list that absolutely loves to travel?

Well, we are those travel people so, we have created the ultimate list of gift ideas.
The holiday season is all about appreciating one another, and what better way to appreciate someone than investing some time and effort into picking out the perfect gift for them?!
Travel is one of those hobbies that feeds the soul, travellers know that booking their next vacation is not only about time off work, it’s about exploring, learning and getting to know other cultures, as well as yourself.
Although not all of us are able to understand the mind of the traveller, we can appreciate their hobby by giving a gift that will fuel their passion, or just make their life that much easier on the road.

10 gift ideas for the travel buff on your list

Scratch Map

Keep track of all your destinations by simply scratch them off the map, as you explore. Also makes for a great wall decoration piece.
Travel gift ideas

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

For the traveller who loves coffee, their way. This handy machine makes creating your favourite brew possible in practically every corner of the globe.
Travel gift ideas

Steamfast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Ironing on the go with this mini iron makes clothes look like they came straight from the laundromat, instead of your jam-packed suitcase.
Travel gift ideas

Pixter Wide Angle Pro

Most travellers love photography and this nifty wide angle lens let’s them get great shots without the hassle of a big, heavy camera. Simply clip onto your phone and away you go!
Travel gift ideas

How to Read the Menu: France, Italy and Spain

These phrasebooks give simple translations. They are light-weight, small in size and easy to use in any situation.
Travel gift ideas

Passport Cover

Keep your passport safe and in good condition with one of these covers. Various materials and prints.
Travel gift ideas

Packing Cubes

Fear packing no more with these packing cubes that allow you to organize clothes, accessories etc into separate compartments. Perfect for suitcase and backpack travel.
Travel gift ideas

Travel Journal

Travelling is not complete without a journal that inspires you to write it in. Keep memories of your adventures for years to come, as well as organize your trip with this beautiful travel journal.
Travel gift ideas

Carry on Cocktail Kit

Sit back, relax, and enjoy one of your favourite drinks during your next flight. These small cocktail kits are designed to bring onto your flight and are guaranteed to make the flight more enjoyable.
Travel gift ideas

Luggage Hanging Scale

It’s necessary, trust us. Luggage weight can slip away from you and it’s a hefty price to pay at the counter for overweight bags. Keep everything in check with one of these accurate, small scales.
Travel gift ideas

We hope that this list will bring that special traveller in your life some joy this holiday season.

Happy Holidays and happy travels from all of us at TierOne Travel!

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