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We here at TierOne Travel are so happy that travel is coming back with a vengeance. However, the reality is that travel has not come back the way that we remember it pre-pandemic.

Some of Canada’s major airports have recently been experiencing a record number of delays. With staff shortages, and many new staff members who are now working in the ‘touchpoint travel positions’ lacking experience, plus the occurrence of flight delays, gate changes, misconnections, and lost or delayed luggage, these types of travel issues are quickly becoming the norm.

What Issues Can Travelers Expect?

These are just a few of the types of issues travelers can expect to run into:

As passenger volumes increase, it is suggested that travelers arrive at the airport 3 hours before their flights to allow them plenty of time to park, check-in, and go through security, where there will likely be longer than normal wait times.

It is also a good idea for travelers to check their flight information often to make sure nothing has changed.

Why Are These Delays Happening?

Several Canadian airports have seen frustrated travelers in long lines due to a shortage of security screeners. Vancouver has seen particularly long wait times, with passengers saying they have also missed domestic flights due to security screening delays. Plus, health checks for the increased number of travelers have doubled the processing times.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has promised that they are making every effort to address this issue. Their main problem is that they can’t find workers to replace those laid off due to the pandemic. Once they do manage to hire enough staff, it will also take time to train them properly.

It is said that these delays will most likely take weeks to resolve, but industry officials are hopeful that these issues will ease before the summer travel season.

How Can Travellers Prepare?

Always err on the side of caution – we have heard of some travelers who have said that they have arrived at airports 5 hours before their departure time to ensure they don’t miss their flights. Travel has changed, pack your patience and understanding to avoid disappointment.


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