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At TierOne Travel we have an amazing group of travel specialists with years of experience to make your travel plans seamless, enjoyable and completely catered to you.

Their areas of expertise range from luxury and culinary travel to solo and family travel.
In this blog, we wanted to take some time to introduce LaurieLee Rosser who has worked in the travel industry since 1978. LaurieLee is the kind of agent that exceeds expectations regularly by delivering informative, timely, friendly service.
LaurieLee is committed to staying on top of her travel specialist game by travelling the world and becoming intimate with destinations on a first-hand basis. This experience has brought her to almost every corner of the globe and allowed her to provide reliable information to her valued clients.
Today you will find LaurieLee specializing in romance, luxury and dream vacation travel.  

Q&A with LaurieLee Rosser

Where is your favourite destination and why?

Bali. Bali is a magical destination with beautiful scenery around every corner. The natural setting makes you feel like you have escaped to some sort of exotic paradise.

Have you ever gone on a SPA travel vacation?

I have been on a few SPA vacations. The one I remember the most was about 2 hours into the mountains from Mexico City. Spa treatments, food, hiking, yoga, relaxation, horseback riding – amazing. We wrote an article for the Impact Magazine featuring Mexican Spa Vacations.

Where is your top destination recommendation for couples and why?

Depending on the client budget (unfortunately, the sticker price can be a shock) the romantic destination of Tahiti speaks for itself and is on most people’s “live list”. On a more moderate budget, the Mayan Riviera is a top pick destination, with many adult only resorts and beautiful beaches. The access from our region is quick and simple year round.

What is your favourite lesson learned from travel?

Travel enriches our lives. Experiencing other cultures, people and the land around the world is one of the greatest gifts. Being respectful of the country you are in, be vacation wise and your trip will be a pleasant memory to look back on for years to come.

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