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Are you ready for some pampering on your next vacation?  Of course!

A trip to the spa is a common request for most travellers. But, when presented with a list of traditional treatments from your exotic destination, it’s sometimes hard to know what luxurious experience you’re in for.
We have compiled a list of some of our favourite treatments from around the world, to help you prepare for your next exotic spa experience.

Black Pearl Body Scrub, Tahiti

This traditional treatment from Tahiti is said to be the secret behind ageless Tahitian beauty. These rare beautiful pearls have anti-aging benefits through improving the circulation and elasticity of the skin. Applied with aromatic oils and a sequential massage, this treatment will leave you with glowing, youthful looking skin.

Ayurvedic Massage, India

Ayurvedic massage is one element of Ayurvedic therapy, where wellness brings balance to mind, body, and spirit. The Ayurvedic massage was first developed in India as a detoxifying massage. Essential oils are blended and warmed to a specific temperature. The body is then massaged in a synchronized manner depending on your personal Dosha type. It’s said to open up the channels of the body and break through any energy blockages.

Jade Roll Facial, China

Originating from ancient China, Jade Roll facials are said to shrink pores, hydrate skin and leave a youthful, dewy finish. Typically these facials start with a steam, cleanse, extraction and are finished off with the ice cold Jade rollers. The rollers are worked all over the face, with a focus on the forehead and cheek area. This rejuvenating facial will leave you feeling and looking fresh, bye bye jet lag!

Enzyme Bath, Japan

Developed in Japan, this bath consists of wood shavings, rice bran, fruit, and vegetable enzymes…you have to feel it to believe it. In just 20 minutes of sitting in this bath the body’s ability to detoxify is increased by five times the natural healing power. Traditionally after the bath, you are guided through a specific stretching pattern and washed down. The Enzyme Bath has become famous around the world for athletes.

Javanese Lulur, Indonesia

Traditionally from Java, Indonesia this body scrub treatment was used on brides and royalty, today it’s available for everyone in specific spas. The Lulur is said to purify, exfoliate and stimulate skin cell rejuvenation. The scrub is a blend of turmeric, rice, jasmine oil, ginger, and cinnamon. The mix is applied all over the skin and left to set, after the setting process you will move into a warm scented bath and once complete, the final step is to splash the body with yogurt, which stimulates the skin cells and restores its natural PH levels. This heavenly experience will leave the skin soft, smooth and purified of any toxins.

Who’s ready for a massage?

… Glad that we are all on the same page!
It’s no wonder most of these treatments are over 100’s of years old; it’s human nature to want to indulge in treatments that spoil our bodies, which in turn, take such good care of us.

If you have any questions about destinations offering these exotic treatments or, spa travel in general contact one of our experienced travel specialists here.


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