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In celebration of our current 15% off WestJet flights between Canada and the U.S. we wanted to present our top 10 U.S. destinations for 2019!

The U.S. provides some very unique travel opportunities, from sunny blissed out beaches to bustling big cities, there is something for everyone in this expansive country.
In today’s blog, we try to cover a wide range of destination offerings. However, if there is somewhere specific that you would like to look into please do not hesitate to contact one of our travel specialists for personalized information and discount bookings.

U.S. destinations to visit in 2019

Oahu, Hawaii

U.S. destinations
If you are a beach lover, it’s hard to beat Hawaii. The weather, safety, comfort and accessibility of all of the Hawaiian Islands make them very desirable year-round. If you are looking for a bit more entertainment mixed into your beach days, we suggest Oahu. Fly directly into Honolulu with WestJet (dependent on your Canadian origin) and start enjoying a more laid-back lifestyle. The seafood is fresh, the cocktails are cold, and the ocean provides endless fun. Head downtown Honolulu for dining, shopping and live performances, or to the North Shore for a slower pace of life with great surf. We would recommend Oahu to anyone who loves the beach, warm weather and an exotic atmosphere.

Big Sur, California

U.S. destinations
Big Sur has become worldly famous for its beautiful beaches, rugged trails and epic road trip potential. Taking WestJet, you will want to fly into San Jose, from there it’s about a 1.5 hr drive to Big Sur. Along the way be sure to stop at lookouts and admire the breathtaking views of world-class surf, migrating whales and endless West Coast beaches. If you like hiking, surfing, adventure, nature and wine, we would recommend Big Sur for your travels.

Palm Springs, California

U.S. destinations
Palm Springs has become a world-class resort destination. You can fly directly into Palm Springs on WestJet (dependent on your Canadian origin) making it a very easy, care-free type of vacation. Warm, sunny weather is almost guaranteed in Palm Springs with over 90% sunny days throughout the year. If you like golfing, relaxing, trying new restaurants and shopping we would recommend Palm Springs for you.

Las Vegas, Nevada

U.S. destinations
Whether it’s your first time to Las Vegas or your 100th, it’s always a memorable getaway. From the excitement of live performances to some of the best restaurants in the country, Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than just casinos. WestJet offers direct flights from most international airports in Canada to Las Vegas. Once in Las Vegas, your vacation is completely customizable to you and your desires. There is truly a place for everyone in the entertainment capital of the world. If you enjoy concerts, shows, hockey, sports, shopping, dining, nightlife, golf, spas, tours, events and/or adventure you will want to visit Las Vegas this year.

Scottsdale, Arizona

U.S. destinations
In the past couple of years, Scottsdale has seen a large influx in tourism. A wide range of travellers seek out it’s fun, diverse offerings. WestJet flies into Phoenix where you could spend a few nights before travelling 30min to Scottsdale. There are lots of things to see and do including nature preserves, art museums, music museums, desert botanical gardens, wine tours, spas, golfing and a lively nightlife scene. Because of Scottsdale’s diverse offerings, and if you like warm weather, you will find something to fall in love with in Scottsdale.

Austin, Texas

U.S. destinations
Austin is known as the live music capital of the world and may surprise you with some of its offerings. Although Austin is a large city, there is a lot to do outdoors, making it an ideal spring/summer getaway. Spring and summer music festivals are abundant, as are farmers markets and patio dining. Being a large city WestJet flies directly into Austin International Airport from most Canadian International airports. Once in Austin, you will enjoy care-free exploring and a wide range of accommodation options. If you enjoy live music, being outdoors and big city living, we would recommend Austin as a destination for you.

New Orleans, Louisiana

U.S. destinations
If you haven’t been to New Orleans (or even if you have!) we recommend it. This city is full of life, and you will feel it the minute you land. WestJet flies into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport from most Canadian cities (typically with one stop). New Orleans is fun year-round; the Mardi Gras spirit seems to last throughout the year. If you enjoy the nightlife, live music, festivals, carnivals, sports, spicy cuisine and one-of-a-kind culture you will love New Orleans.

Nashville, Tennessee

U.S. destinations
Nashville is home to some of the most legendary country music venues and museums in the world, including the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you are an Elvis fan, you can take a day trip from Tennessee to Memphis to see Graceland: the home of Elvis Presley. Fly directly into Nashville International Airport and start enjoying the ‘music city.’ We recommend Nashville if you love country music, football and live entertainment.

Miami, Florida

U.S. destinations
Miami is the centre of Florida and yet somehow seamlessly combines beach living into its big city life. WestJet flies into Miami International Airport from most major Canadian cities ( usually with one-stop). If you are travelling solo, with your family or on a girl/guys trip, there is something for you in Miami. Explore museums, beaches, restaurants, shops, nightlife and sporting events all in one vacation. Tourism Miami offers a unique tool on their website that allows you to ‘personalize your experience’ in Miami by answering a few questions. If you enjoy lively energy, cities and beaches, you will want to add Miami to your 2019 destination list.

New York City, New York

U.S. destinations
New York will never get old. If your next getaway includes some city time, then New York is a great recommendation. World-class shopping, dining, nightlife, entertainment and much more. The city is welcoming to all kinds of travellers and has something unique to offer year-round. If it’s your first time travelling to New York, Manhattan is a great central place to stay. However, if you prefer something more niche to your personal style/desires contact our travel specialists for personalized recommendations.

What U.S. destination is on your bucket list?

There is so much to explore in the U.S. and with our current 15% off WestJet flights promotion now is the time to see it!
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