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Today marks the last day of our WestJet discount promotion. In celebration, we wanted to share our top ten tips for travelling with WestJet.
WestJet delivers great service to its passengers flying all over the world. The airline provides exclusive opportunities for travellers to enjoy both before and during your flight. To make the most out of your next WestJet flight, follow these ten steps!

Top 10 Tips for Travelling with WestJet

Know your carry-on limits

WestJet allows carry-on baggage for all of its flights to help with the comfort of its passengers. However, if your carry-on baggage exceeds limitations, you will be subject to a fee and be required to check the bag. Each guest is allowed one carry-on and one personal item. Be sure to check that all items inside the bags are permitted through security. Get the sizing limitations here.

Take advantage of the airport lounge

WestJet has airport lounges in most major airports in Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. They also partner with other airport lounges to accommodate guests in other areas of the world. If you have some extra time, or just need some r&r, airport lounges are a great idea. Present a valid WestJet boarding pass and get paid walk-in access to the lounge. Some lounges even offer discount prices for walk-ins. Find a lounge on your next route.

Download the WestJet app

The WestJet app is a must download preflight. Be sure to download this app before you board the plane when you have Wi-fi from the airport. Once onboard and in the sky, enjoy access to a wide range of entertainment including movies, TV shows, games, flight tracking and more! The app also allows you to gain Wi-fi access onboard during your flight. Download the app on at the Apple Store for free.

Questions? Ask Juliet

WestJet has a chatbot on their Facebook page called Juliet. She is never off duty and can quickly and effectively answer most of your questions. Of course, your travel specialist is also always available for questions regarding your vacation; this is just a fun little extra that you may want to try out pre-travel. Learn more about Juliet here.

Share your status

If you are planning to have friends or family pick you up at the airport, sharing your flight status can be a great way to keep them updated with any delays or flight interruptions. Simply share your flight number and the flight status link and your loved ones can check your status anytime, anywhere.

Choose the check-in option that suits you

When travelling with WestJet, you have four methods of check-in — web, mobile, kiosk and guest assistance. Depending on when you arrive and how you would like to receive your boarding pass, there will be different options available to you. Most people are opting for web check-in 24 hours before their flight; however, the choice is yours. Learn more about your options here.

Get rewarded

If you are travelling with WestJet, you might as well earn some points! Rewards are a great way to save money on a variety of services including airport lounges. Save up your points from recent flights and get free access to travel lounges and more around the world. Wondering if WestJet Rewards are right for you? Talk to one of our travel specialists today!

Know your pet options

There are many reasons that people may choose to travel with their pets and WestJet goes above and beyond to try and accommodate the needs of its guests (even the ones with paws!) There are a few options that you and your pet have. You can travel with them in the cabin, check them or allow them to travel on their own. Learn more and plan your pet’s next flight here.

Cuisine onboard

Depending on the length of your flight, you may or may not get an in-flight meal. WestJet does offer an onboard paid menu for all of its flights. We recommend that if you require a meal, have specific dietary requirements or simply want to save some money, order take-out food once you have passed through security and bring it onboard with you. You are also allowed to bring your own snacks, so enjoy your favourite treats while flying by organizing your meals ahead of time.

Be prepared

The biggest tip we have is to simply be prepared. This goes for any airline and any destination. Bring some of your favourite comforts such as socks, scarfs, snacks, books, music and personal care items to make the flight more enjoyable. Remember travel is about the journey and not the destination.

Where is WestJet taking you next?

Today is the last day of our 15% WestJet discount. Take advantage of this great offer and start planning your next dream vacation with one of our experienced travel specialists today!
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